November 2017: What is love?

Tonight’s writing exercise came from the current Hunter Writers Centre project called Read, Write, Love, where members can send in pieces about love to be published on the website.

One member of our writing group was having trouble coming up with the initial idea of a story, and we wanted to explore why this was so difficult.

27391744543_24f41be204_z (1).jpg
Image by Modesto del Río at

Love is an abstract concept, so for our writing exercise we used a concrete object to focus our attention and write something about love. We had to all pick something from the table in front of us and connect it to love.

Writing about love is relatively easy, but there’s a risk of it being cliche. Love stories have been done over and over, and the challenge is finding something unique about love. Has love been so overdone that it’s impossible to write something that’s never been done before?

After five minutes we read our free writing and discussed what worked and what didn’t work.

Out of the four of us here tonight, three of us wrote ramblings about love that went nowhere. But one of us nailed it. The strawberries on the table told a short but deep story of love, with a tragic ending (and might just end up being a fantastic piece of microfiction… watch this space!).

In summary, we agreed that when developing a story, love couldn’t be taken simply on surface value. It’s a concept that has many layers and could be looked at from many different angles.

The story that worked was about a strawberry, which stood in place for love. The story used a concrete object that represented love, but didn’t speak directly about love itself.

Have you ever written a story about love? Share your comments below.


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