December 2017: Writing freely

Tonight we did a writing exercise. We thought we’d pick a random sentence from somewhere a bit different, so one of us pulled out her Spring 2017 issue of Unlimited Human! The random sentence we picked to start our free-writing was:

“For kids seven and older we teach them a rapid induction before the movie.”

We all started with that sentence and wrote freely for 7 minutes.

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Our stories of course went in very different directions, mainly around how we interpreted the word ‘induction’. One went with hypnotic inductions, another went with training inductions for children and another went down the path of orientation prior to watching a horror movie.

What we discovered is just how beneficial free-writing can be.

One of us discussed how with free-writing she starts without any idea of where it’s going. She doesn’t have time to sit and think about. As it goes along things start to suggest themselves.

A story happens in itself. One of us noted that it helps her let go of the control and the story somehow still works out in the end. Her free-writing tonight made connections and looped back to a neat ending that was never in her mind at the beginning.

We also found from tonight’s exercise when we are good at something it naturally comes to the fore in our free-writing. The one in our group who writes in beautiful word pictures will always have a few stunning descriptions come out in her pieces. Our metaphor lover will always find metaphors, even when free-writing. A sense of humour appears in another’s that is usually stopped by inhibitions. Another one of us gets strong colloquialisms that are usually kept out of her other pieces.

We access our subconscious when free-writing. We let serendipity come up with ideas and discover new things. Our writing doesn’t need to be refined. It allows us a freedom that you don’t get with structured writing.

What did you discover with your last piece of free-writing?

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