March 2018 reblog: The many benefits of a writing group

At the Newcastle Writers Festival 2015, Margaret Jackson from our writers group wrote an article for ABC Open entitled ‘Top 5 tips for taking your  writing further in a group’.

Here is the link to the full article:

Copied below are some key points from the article.

Photo of group by Anthony Scully
Our writers group in 2015 (a big thanks to Anthony Scully for snapping this shot –

1. Build confidence in your writing.

One of the hardest things to do when you first start out is to share your work with others. A good compatible writers group can provide a safe place to take those first tentative steps and put your writing out there…

2. Give and receive helpful critiques

For when we can’t recognize the good bits in our own writing and advice on how to fix the bits not working or even pick up things that we’ve missed…

3. Move towards publication

Nothing encourages us more than seeing a fellow member’s success. In our group Sally was the first to have an ABC Open 500 word story published on line. We were all so impressed and this encouraged the rest of us to begin to look at the possibility of publication. So we all set out to get something published on the ABC site. For most of us it was the first thing we had published and we began to really feel like writers…

4. Form a good group

We are a closed group and from the beginning entry was by invitation. If you can’t find a suitable group then think of starting your own group.

Attending some creative writing courses will introduce the emerging writer to the group process. Having a good tutor is invaluable. For those of us in our small group that tutor was Karen Whitelaw who teaches through the Hunter WEA

5. Sharing successes with others who really understand

Many of you may have had the experience of sharing a writing success with a family member or friend who doesn’t really understand how amazing that small success is. That ‘ho-hum’ response can be a bit soul shattering. But your writing group members DO understand it and celebrate every success…

Read the full article here.

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