January 2018: The winning formula

Tonight we read the winning story of the Newcastle Herald Short Story Competition, Holly Bruce’s Twinkle Drops.

We wanted to learn from the story, and see if our own styles of writing could benefit from incorporating some of Bruce’s techniques. One of our group members read Twinkle Drops aloud, and we all listened, noting down aspects that we believed made it a winning story.

We then all spent five minutes free-writing, with the aim to write in Bruce’s style.

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Image by Jeffrey at https://www.flickr.com/photos/brainware3000/6070456/

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Newcastle Herald Short Story Competition 2017-18 – the finalists

Listed below are the 28 finalists for the 2017-18 Newcastle Herald Short Story Competition. These stories have been published in hard copy and on theherald.com.au website.

Congratulations to all of those who have been shortlisted! It’s great to see so many familiar names on the list.

A big congratulations to Holly Bruce, for winning first place, and to the Highly Commended authors Jessie Ansons (our very own Hunter Story Creators member) and John Gallop. The final write up can be found here.

Image by Photosteve101 at https://www.flickr.com/photos/42931449@N07/5418402840/

26 December 2017Street Life by Carl Caulfield

27 December 2017Loopy by Lee-Anne Wilson-Smith

28 December 2017The Family Reunion by Jessie Ansons

29 December 2017Wash Away Thy Sins by Nandina Vines

30 December 2017Heaven Sent by Phil Murray

1 January 2018The Lonely Street by Kym Milne

2 January 2018Seaweed by TBA

3 January 2018Original Sin by Brenda Proudfoot

4 January 2018 – Floating Away by Helen Marshall

5 January 2018 – Fresh Milk by Bronwyn MacRitchie

6 January 2018 – Waves by Tanner Johnston

8 January 2018 – Washed Away by Rhonda Mackey

9 January 2018 – Inevitability by Ross Telfer

10  January 2018 – Salt by Kaylea Short

11 January 2018 – A Special Night by Natalie Parsons-Clair

12 January 2018 – Squawk by Dan Shushko

13 January 2018 – Best in the State by Diana Threlfo

15 January 2018 – Ready by Linda Mueller

16 January 2018 – Out by TBA

17 January 2018 – Number 47 by Kristen Mair

18 January 2018 – The Road Trip by Felicity Biggins

19 January 2018 – A Dog’s Life by Shea Evans

20 January 2018 – Twinkle Drops by Holly Bruce

22 January 2018 – Not All Is Lost in War by Dianne Hill

23 January 2018 – The Lone Starboy by Barney Collins

24 January 2018 – Running Out by John Gallop

25 January 2018 – A Guilty Moment by Bruce Jones

26 January 2018 – The Lion’s Maw by Anne Davy